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Hi! I’m Anna, and I live in the middle of the woods in northwestern Pennsylvania with my infant son, Big Guy, my very talented (and super sexy) entrepreneurial husband, Matt, and my very first baby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Kona.

1 Year Family Photoshoot

I left home for NYC after high school to pursue a career in music. After almost 9 years of big-city living, graduating college, getting married, helping my husband run his event production company, and releasing my debut album, we moved back home to “the simple life”. Life has since been anything but simple.
Anna Zoe performing live at Sullivan Hall NYC

My husband and I then began building our homestead on 19.2 wooded acres, and started a family. Even though we were fortunate enough to build a new home from scratch, our tight budget forced us to do a lot ourselves and be very resourceful in our choices. We changed our entire design plans and built a 2-bedroom carriage house above our garage with hopes to one day build the main house next to it. We spend most of our free time working on home or garden projects. He also got involved in a local brewery and we ended up turning some of our DIY projects into the rustic home decor company, Knot 2 Shabby.

Carriage House Above Garage

Instead of sharing updates, stories, DIY projects, and recipes in person and eventually fading off because no one pays attention, I write it here. I am an Orthodox Christian, passionate about respectful parenting, natural living, the arts, and all things home, and love to talk about it, but not everyone always wants to hear about it. I also believe power is knowledge, so if I come across something interesting, I gladly share it here. That way, if you stop reading half way through, I’ll never know. No joke – I’m that person at a dinner party who is telling a story, gets interrupted, and is never asked to continue talking again. So, to those of you who not only read my ramblings, but actually finish them and continue to… you are so cool.

Babywearing While Walking Dog



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