Home Corner Office Makeover Progress

It’s been awhile. A long while. I’m sorry about that. My excuse is because the disaster I called our home corner office space was in complete disarray for months.

Home Office BeforeYikes!

It was uninspiring and stressful. The homemade baby gate was no longer a good idea since our opinionated toddler wanted to be on the other side of it if I was. The open shelves were a bad idea from the beginning. I am not sure what I was thinking when we originally installed them? Hidden storage was a must. I also thought it was a good idea to have my desk “floating”, instead of against the wall, but the space just isn’t large enough. So for the time being until we figured out a better idea, I moved it against the wall and the filing cabinets to the left of it.

Home Office Before

So much better, right?! Please don’t mind the rest of the chaos.

So for the next few weeks I researched ideas, and really liked the idea of built-in cabinets and desk, but we already had a desk so I tried to come up with an idea to utilize what we already had. I eventually decided I wanted to use a locker in the corner. My parents reached out to a fellow antique dealer who typically has industrial items and he happened to have a pair of lockers available for $100. Then a couple weeks later I decided more hidden storage would be necessary for my printer to be concealed, so I wanted to find an old cabinet to hang above the desk. We reached out to the same guy again and he suggested hanging an old shipping trunk on the wall. Brilliant! Even better, it says Erie, PA on the side of it. It was apparently for transporting the goods of a college student named Sue Richardson.

Are you ready for the outcome?!

Home Corner Office ProgressVoila!

Life changing, right? And I hardly got rid of a thing. Everything amazingly fit inside! We installed shelving in both units to make the most of each space. And I am actually allowed to say “we” this time because after Matt installed the shelving in the trunk, the next day I decided I wanted it on the opposite side, so I had to take it all apart and re-install it all by myself. So yes, we installed shelving. Matt had to separate the double lockers, and reattach the outside wall to this locker. We were even able to salvage the rest of the 2nd locker by installing it in the corner of the garage for more hidden storage down there.

Shelves in Trunk

Shelves in Locker

Hidden StorageLook at all that beautifully hidden storage! Also, you don’t want to miss Kona’s reflection in the computer.

Now, this isn’t a finished makeover, as I still have a few things on my to-do list to complete:

-Spray paint filing cabinets the same color. Color TBD. Maybe tangerine.

-Reupholster the chair, or find a new one with fun fabric or a bright color.

-Adhere a pretty piece of fabric to the back of my desk to hide all the wires and be “baby proofed” for any future babies.

-Get a basket to hold all the rolled up large papers that are currently hiding behind the couch.

If spring ever decides to show up, we’ll be able to get outside to finish this and check another one off our looong home project list! For now, I will leave you with one last look…

Home Office Progress

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