DIY Grain Sack Stockings

DIY Grain Sack Stocking

When I was pulling out our Christmas decorations over Thanksgiving weekend, I realized we had these big beautiful crocheted stockings a friend had made us, but no real nice ones for Big Guy or Kona. You may be wondering why I didn’t have this dilemma last year. Well, honestly, I can’t remember why. I am going to assume I just didn’t put stockings up? Cue mommy brain. Big Guy was only 5 months old last year and the fireplace is new this year (a post on that coming soon), so it probably just made more sense in my head this year.

We obviously weren’t going to find matching stockings, and I’m trying to break out of my Type A tendencies and not always be so matchy-matchy, because even if something doesn’t match, it can still flow together beautifully. It just takes a certain type of balance that I am constantly learning to understand. So anyways, we have a bunch of old grain sacks that my mom had picked up along her antique dealing journey. I plan to one day make pillow covers out of them and sell them on our Etsy store. One day. For now though, I thought they would be the perfect fabric to make stockings out of! I was hoping we had some that were green and red, to “match” our other stockings, and lucky for me, we did! We actually had two different bags, but I liked this one better because of the stars.

DIY Grain Sack Stockings DIY Grain Sack Stockings

First, I flipped the fabric inside-out and personally just hand drew with a pen what I thought a stocking looked like. I am sure there are fancy pattern print-outs out there that you can find on the internet. You won’t find it here though unfortunately! I knew I didn’t want my stockings to hang so low they completely blocked our electric fireplace, and they had to be thin enough to be able to add more in the future. So this is what I came up with.

DIY Grain Sack StockingsAfter I drew my outline, I realized it was the size I actually wanted the stocking, so I cut about 1cm outside my perfectly scientific line to compensate for sewing room. DIY Grain Sack StockingsDIY Grain Sack Stockings I needed to make two stockings, one for Big Guy and one for Kona, so I then placed that stocking on top of more fabric, and cut along the same lines. You could draw it first, but I was feeling dangerous, and scientific, and just cut it.

DIY Grain Sack Stockings

Then, I pinned the two pieces of fabric together (outsides facing together) and sewed a straight line stitch all the way around.

DIY Grain Sack Stockings

Next, I flipped the top edge over about 1cm or so, and sewed the flap down. At this point, you may want to iron your stocking. I did not because I was too lazy to get it all out for these two little stockings.

DIY Grain Sack Stockings

I excitedly flipped the stocking right-side out, and voila! A grain sack stocking! At this point, I realized I needed something for the stocking to hang by and didn’t feel like doing more sewing so I decided I would make a simple loop with some twine we had on hand, and hot glued it to the stocking. Again, this is really fancy scientific stuff over here.

DIY Grain Sack Stockings

Stocking Hook and Loop

Then I needed to have name tags of some sort. Again, I didn’t want to do any more sewing, so I remembered I had some brown card stock paper I could use. I found some fun scissors I came across recently from back in my high school scrap-booking days to cut little rectangular labels out. Then I punched a hole in the upper left corners and wrote our names on them. I took more twine and tied the labels to each of the stockings.

Stocking Name Tags

Aren’t they so cute? Especially so, with all their unscientific imperfections and non matchy-matchiness. Okay, I admit, they match pretty damn well. I honestly wasn’t expecting it though. They are still my personal gentle Christmas reminder to be forgiving of my own and others imperfections and differences.

DIY Grain Sack Stockings

DIY Grain Sack Stockings DIY Grain Sack StockingsDIY Grain Sack Stockings

Oh yea! Remember how in my painted acorns post I said I wanted to paint some pine cones next? Well, I did. And they are awesome. All I had to do was spray paint them and let dry.

Spray Painted Pine ConesSpray Painted Pine Cones Now, on to the next Christmas craft project… a wreath for my front door! I think I have officially entered hibernation mode. Clearly.

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