My First Maternity Photo Shoot

Every since the weather warmed up, leaves began growing on the trees, and the birds started singing I’ve been feeling immense nostalgia for the birth of my first son. He was born at home in our bedroom in the heat of summer on July 25, 2014 at 6:28am. I distinctly remember hearing the wind in the trees and the morning calls of the birds while in the “pushing phase”. It is not a bad or painful memory at all, rather blissful and ethereal.

maternity photo in the woods

maternity model photo

This past weekend last year would have been when my best friend and uber talented photographer Courtney flew out to my house from NYC to take my maternity photos and help with my baby shower. Since I hadn’t yet started this new blog then, I now feel compelled to share the beautiful photos she captured during that special weekend. Especially since now I’m researching ideas for my son’s 1st birthday photos. Has it really been a year already?! Today I share with you my favorite maternity photos by the lovely Courtney D’ne Brown Photography.

maternity photo in the woodsmaternity photo in the woodsWe took all of the photos on our property and the creek at the bottom of our property. Our wood piles for our future outdoor wood furnace ended up becoming a magical backdrop.

maternity photo with dog

We of course had to have one full family photo including Miss Kona Behr. She had no idea what was coming. Poor thing.

maternity photoshoot maternity photoshoot

I wanted some fun photos of my husband and I before our lives changed forever. For real. Forever. We had no idea what was coming. We didn’t want the typical cheesy cliche “hands on belly” photo, but still secretly wanted it, so this was the best we came up with. I love it.

husband kissing pregnant belly

hands on belly maternity photo

Then we headed down to our creek for the remainder of the photos. This creek is one of the main reasons we fell in love with our property. God’s beauty.

IMG_3791 maternity photo in water

I loved being pregnant. Well, until the last month when I had really bad sciatica pain. Other than that, I never felt more beautiful and grateful. The mystery of being so intimate with creation is not one to be taken for granted.

maternity photo from above

If you are contemplating getting maternity photos taken, just do it. You won’t regret it, but you will probably regret not doing it. There have been so many times when I look at them and am so grateful to have such a talented best friend who doesn’t mind taking my photos. Once that special time in your life is over, it really is hard to remember the details. Now, as for photos of the birth and my son’s first day of life, we majorly dropped the ball and hardly have any “sharable” photos of him, us, or me with him. God willing there’s a next baby, there will probably be too many photos to make up for the lack of any with this child.

Thank you Miss Brown for capturing that precious moment in my life: my first time being pregnant. My mommy brain probably wouldn’t remember it if you hadn’t!

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