DIY Pillow Cover – My Master Bedroom Decor

DIY Pillow Covers

Since moving into our new home last May, (I can’t believe it has been almost 1 year already!) I made a pretty extensive “to-do” list of projects and/or wishful items. Some were for me to do, some were for Hubster to do, and some were for both of us to tackle together. Also, in thanks to being on a majorly tight budget these days, we made most of the gifts given to friends or family for various occasions throughout the year. Hubster has definitely checked more off the list than I have. In all fairness, I have been learning for the first time how to keep alive a precious human being dependent on me for all his basic needs, and in the most respectful way possible!

Anywho, one of the projects on my list was to get several different throw pillows for the bed and chair in the master bedroom, Big Guy’s bed and chair, and the couch and chair in the living room. That’s 12 pillow covers. Since pretty pillows can be pricey, most of the pillow covers will have to be handmade. I’m going to be making pillow covers for days.

I finally made it a point to travel to Hobby Lobby and find fabric that could work first as pillowcases for throw pillows on our bed. My mind, especially these days with mommy brain, can really only focus on one thing at a time, so I figured I’d start in room at a time. I already had two matching 16″x16″ pillow forms from our first home, a one-bedroom in a high-rise condominium, in the NYC area. That was a time before I had any sense of interior design, therefore we either sold before we moved, or plan to completely transform, pretty much everything from that space.

This is the current state of our bed:

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

It presents well, but has a long way to go. Definitely missing accent pieces and wall decor. My mother picked up that beautiful oriental rug at an auction for only $18! I found that gold throw blanket at Marshall’s, and the lamps are from my father-in-law’s old home that we (and I mean he) spray painted yellow. We (yes, I helped) made our headboard from an old door two years ago. The lighting makes it hard to see the bedside table on the right is actually an old wooden crate inherited from Hubster’s grandmother after we helped clean out her home before she moved into a retirement living center. He then had a piece of custom glass made to go on top. The bedside table on the left is an ornate, yet cheaply made, table that my mom’s friend had picked up and quickly painted to “re-vamp”. Don’t mind the clutter on top of both tables. I am trying to “be real” here folks. We got the bamboo roman shades on sale (yay!) and just installed them this past weekend (double yay!). Oh, and how could I forget that beautiful antique chandelier my mother also picked up at an auction for just $80. Happy dance!

So back to the point of this post, I needed throw pillows! I ended up finding these two fun fabrics:

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

Of all the things Hubster and I have made ourselves over the years, I was honestly surprised this was my first time ever making a pillowcase! I am not a seasoned seamstress so I referenced this tutorial to make a removable pillow cover. I didn’t think to pick up a cheaper solid colored fabric to go on the backside of the pillowcases, so I just used the same fabric I bought since I had bought a 1/2 yard of each design anyway. I’ll explain how I did the first one, since I did the second one just the same.

Like I said before, my pillow forms measured 16″x16″, so in order to make the back overlapping pieces that make the cover removable, I measured and cut two 12″x16″ pieces of fabric. I subtracted 4″ from the original length of 16″ in order to get the proper length for the back flaps that make removing the pillow cover easy, which is where the 12″ came from. So if you have a different sized pillow, all you need to do is subtract 4″ from the longest side of your pillow to get the correct measurement. Side note: Eek! My ironing board cover looks like it could really use a wash. I definitely got that as a college freshman over 10 years ago. I think it’s about time.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

Then I measured and cut one 16″x16″ piece of fabric.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

Next, I took one of the 12″x16″ pieces of fabric, and folded the edge of one of the longer sides about 1/2 inch and ironed it. Then I folded it another 1/2 inch and ironed it again. I did not pin it close because I was lazy, or forgot, or both, but I suggest doing it to make your life easier overall. Then I repeated that step with the other piece of 12″x16″ fabric.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

I then sewed along the fold with a straight stitch on my sewing machine. Garden of Life vitamins anyone?

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

After sewing the hem on both 12″x16″ back-flap pieces, I laid them face down against the front 16″x16″ piece. Just make sure the presentable side of the fabric that you will see in the end is facing inwards. This time I did use pins all around the edges.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

After sewing all 4 sides together, I trimmed the fabric from each corner so it would make a better point once turned inside out. You probably could cut even closer to the hems, but I got scared that my sewing wasn’t strong enough.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

Finally, I was able to turn it inside out and voila! A removable pillow cover. It looks like it could have used some ironing, but I figured once the pillow form was stuffed it wouldn’t be as noticeable.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

Here is the back side.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

And here is the beautiful finished product in all it’s glory. Happy dance!

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

I did the same exact thing with the other fabric, so here are the two beauties together.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

I originally would have liked some green and red (like the oriental rug) in the fabric choices, but this was the best I could find. I’m thinking maybe a smaller rectangular pillow should go in front to complete the look, and add in the green and red colors there. I don’t want it to look too Christmas-y though, so color tones will be crucial. What are your thoughts? Does the bedding need green and/or red to pull it all together?



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