How Not to Pose for Your Passport Photo

We’re preparing for our missions trip to Guatemala this spring, and Big Guy needs his first passport. Instead of paying up to $15 to get his photo taken elsewhere, I figured like most things around this household, I could easily do it myself. All I needed was a white or off-white background. What I didn’t realize was how difficult it would be to get a photo of him with a neutral facial expression!

I took a bunch of photos, and thought I had the perfect one. I went to upload it to the travel site to make sure I had the correct dimensions and positioning, and realized he was not supposed to be smiling, and we didn’t have enough time to risk it getting rejected. So alas, we had to keep trying until it was “perfect”. This morning when filing the application, the really nice clerk at the Post Office told us, and I paraphrase, they would have accepted a photo of him smiling, they are usually more lenient with children. I am surprised at what they let slide and what they don’t though. One time this little girl took the cutest photo, but because her head was tilted to the side, they rejected it.

Yea, I’m still glad I didn’t risk it.

The “out-takes” were just too sweet not to share though. How not to pose for your passport photo…

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

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