Birthday Brunch

This past weekend we hosted brunch for my parents birthday’s, both of which are in February, but one year apart. They were on vacation during my mother’s birthday, so this was the first opportunity we had for the family to all get together. If you know me or my husband personally, then you know that he owns and I help run an event production company in NYC, so we love to host parties.

Happy Birthday ChalkboardCopyright Anna Zoe LLC

While we were waiting for the food to be ready, it was all about the grandchildren of course. My nephews are just the sweetest. We don’t have regular TV (only Apple TV, so pretty much just Netflix or what we can get to load on the computer) nor many toys for older children since Big Guy is only 7 months, so they were forced to improvise. Children never disappoint with their creative minds when there aren’t electronics to distract them! On second thought, we do have a Wii we inherited from Matt’s office, but our forgetting we even have it available shows how much we use it. We do have a set of Lincoln Logs that were given as a gift for when Big Guy is older that they were able to put to good use. They did bring their own toy cars and trucks. Those boys and their vehicles!

Copyright Anna Zoe LLCCopyright Anna Zoe LLCCopyright Anna Zoe LLC

Eventually, however, the most popular “toys” became:

1) Jumping on our bed. They know they can do it ever since they did it for our family photoshoot back in November.

2) Throwing around Big Guy’s set of sensory balls.

3) Stacking our homemade monogrammed wood coasters.

4) Drawing on the chalkboard.

5) Curling up in Kona’s dog beds.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLCCopyright Anna Zoe LLC

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

I had every intention of taking photos of the delicious(if I do say so myself) spread, and totally forgot. I prepared a salad with dried cranberries, goat cheese, and almond slices dressed with olive oil, lemon, and freshly cracked sea salt and pepper. The night before I prepped everything for a western ham and egg casserole that I was able to just throw in the oven an hour before we were ready to eat. I also prepped a fruit salad the night before consisting of blood oranges, kumquats, kiwi, and champagne mango, dressed in a little fresh lime juice and maple syrup. So, here are some remnants…

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

Copyright Anna Zoe LLCCopyright Anna Zoe LLC

And, of course there was cake! My brother and sister-in-law brought a yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I haven’t had one in years, and haven’t even had any ice cream since the first week Big Guy was born when I found out that lactose unfortunately affected him! The boys all helped blow out the candles. Too precious. Please don’t mind my dying succulents. I am afraid to admit how many succulents I have successfully killed. Plants that grow in the cracks of sidewalks, die in my home. I have grand plans to try planting wheat grass next.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

My parents always do so much for us, so we got them a gift of those awesome Spring Floats by SwimWays to use in their pool this summer. I got the idea last summer during the blistering heat when I was nine months pregnant and could do nothing but lay like a walrus in their pool but had forgotten my own float. They’re awesome floats because you’re able to sunbathe but still be in the water at the same time and not get overheated. The boys, of course, helped open the bag.

Copyright Anna Zoe LLC

And last but not least, I had to get some photos of the hosts! One day I will get a smiling photo of Big Guy and myself that isn’t either blurry, a selfie, or a blurry selfie. I love you anyways hon. It’s the smiling baby that’s most important, right?

Copyright Anna Zoe LLCCopyright Anna Zoe LLC

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad! We love you.

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